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Not All Physical Therapy Is The Same

Welcome to Pisgah Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

  • About Us

    Pisgah Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab is a privately owned clinic, serving the area since 1991. We offer some of the most progressive therapies and technologies available in a state-of-the-art facility. Some of our most effective techniques include Primal Reflex Release Technique™, McKenzie Evaluation and Treatment, the Graston Technique, Dry Needling, LSVT Big®, Vibro-Trac, and Pneumex Unweighting Systems.

  • Our Services

    Combining therapies, equipment, and years of friendly, professional experience, we treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions to help you achieve your health goals as quickly as possible, often eliminating the need for surgery or medications

    and their undesirable side-effects. We help relieve pain from neck and shoulder injuries, joint pain, back pain, spinal disc and sciatica, sports and work related injuries, and surgery.


    We focus on individualized care, relieving patients of their pain and rebuilding their health without invasive surgery or risky medications.

  • Our Team

    Our talented and professionally licensed therapists have over 40+ years of experience, offering the highest quality of care that our patients need to achieve their health goals. We focus on restoring your well-being and keeping your pain under control with a warm touch and personalized, comprehensive care. We won't simply put you on machines and make you do exercises.




Our unique approach to
PHYISCAL therapy

We provide relief from pain utilizing the most progressive therapies and technologies that other practices do not:


pisgah physical therapy & sports rehab

Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that is used to improve a patient's quality of life through physical intervention, in all phase of healing and prevention. Physical Therapy is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental state. It may be a standalone option, or it may support other treatments.

Reasons to Choose Us
  • Convenient and Flexible Hours
  • Innovative, specialized and effective equipment, not found in other clinics
  • Patient focused Care
  • Lasting Results with Real Changes
  • Skilled and Specially trained team members
  • Professional and Friendly Atmosphere
  • After care and private service available
  • Empower patients through education and self-help techniques
  • Evidence based, cutting edge treatments and services
How We Can Help
  • Develop coordination
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Avoid surgery
  • Build strength
  • Improve balance and prevent falls
  • Improve mobility and Maintain flexibility
  • Optimize physical functioning levels
  • Maximize independence and age-related issues
  • Promotes healing
  • Prevent injuries
  • Decrease need for pain medications
  • Restores normal movements
  • Effective recovery from surgery, illness or disability
  • Optimize performance

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Pisgah Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab–Pisgah PT, for short–offers the most progressive therapies and technologies available in a state-of-the-art facility. Some of our most effective techniques include Primal Reflex Release, Technique, Graston Technique, LSVT Big, Dry Needling, Vestibular ReaMcKenzie Evaluation and Treatment, Vibro-Trac, and Pneumex Unweighting Systems.




Pisgah Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, Inc.

1635 Asheville Hwy

Hendersonville, NC 28791


Tel: (828) 693-8128

Fax: (828) 693-0955

Email: drsppt@yahoo.com



Just finished PT for a frozen shoulder and couldn't be more pleased at the treatment I received here. Pam and Melissa were great to work with and after a few weeks of physical therapy, I have almost complete range of motion back.  I could not have done this on my own. Keep up the good work guys! Massage therapy is also offered here and Kassandra is wonderful!

Joyce Ray

I was impressed and very well taken care of. I will be honest this is the first PT place I have felt like anyone actually cared and wanted to genuinely help me. I have many physical issues and feel helpless and hopeless but I feel hope now after my initial visit.

Cris Paulsen

Bruce M.